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Sometimes in life we just need a helping hand from other people. Imagine being able to react to any danger, know exactly what is happening with your colleagues and respond accordingly.

IoGuard is and can be used in so many different situations, but always when you need someone to keep an eye on you - for extra safety, you know. 


Fighting fires and other natural disasters is dangerous work. Keeping the central informed and preventing work related injuries is our number one priority.

Security man

Concerts, clubs, guard duties... How do you keep your employees safe and informed? Creating a safety network has never been as easy.


Staying safe and located is of utmost importance in harsh environments. This goes for soldiers and the civilians they are trying to protect, all the while reporting to the central HQ.


Construction workers use power tools and often work on great heights and in harsh conditions. Our solution keeps them safe and relaxed with additional communication channels.


Various problems and dangers in agriculture can be solved when people work together. Connecting larger groups of workers together to optimize their output, safety and reduce stress can all be done unobtrusively.


Woodcutters, loggers and other lone workers can find themselves in danger, away from conventional help. They need a service which allows them to communicate with the central and take care of each other.


Most climbers do it solo - they need a solution that not only keeps them safe, but also helps improve one's results and capabilities.


Even in the middle of the sea you can always be safe and sure - with a waterproof BioSensor and SmartPhone.


Anytime you fly off you risk it all. The ones you left grounded should know where you are and that you're okay.

IoGuard - a means to preventing disasters.

Feel safe - anytime, everywhere

IoGuard provides two (or more) parties with the ability to track, monitor and be alerted in case anything bad happens to the other user. Featuring our powerful bio-tracking technology downscaled into a mobile application, the users can now take care of one another, using only a SmartPhone and (optionally) some BioSensors.

A SmartPhone

Waterproof, impact resistant; given to the user. It allows the tracking of vital signs and alerts when in danger

A high-end BioSensor

An unobtrusive means to vital sign monitoring

A control Application

For people who are monitoring the user's current condition remotely


Call center support

Reliable, functional, powerful, safe

IoGuard works like this: both users (or larger groups of users) use their SmartPhones and the IoGuard application to remain in constant connection with each other. In case one of the users is subjected to any sort of danger (adjustable thresholds) the other user(s) will be alerted immediately.

IoGuard can serve as a SOS locator while simultaneously monitoring and sending bio-data to predefined contacts (alert or medical centers, 911, 112).

IoGuard helps its users not only to stay safe, but to feel safe as well.

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Call center integration - safety always*

Created with professionals in mind, IoGuard is ready for quick and easy integration with various call centers and first responder teams on standby 24/7.

The system automatically reports data and alerts directly to the central server via secure connections (3G, 4G, WiFi). The central server can be connected to any of the various call centers and the users can rest assured that help is always on it's way when needed.

For larger groups of individuals IoGuard can also connect to the PC, where up to 63 different users can have their vital signs tracked simultaneously. Everything from heart rate, ECG, posture, activity, breathing rate, position and more can be viewed live (the possibilities of disaster prevention are endless).


What our users say about us

Our users come from different walks of life: athletes, adrenaline junkies, professionals (soldiers, policemen, firefighters, first responders, guards) - anyone that cares for their safety!

 Jure: I'm mostly alone when windsurfing - my family isn't . Even when all alone, my friends know exactly where I am and what's happening to me. If there's more of us we take turns monitoring each other. Best of all, no one has to actually watch over people, we all get alerted as soon as anything goes wrong.
 Domen: My mountain treks are a solitary thing for me - peace and quiet. The only problem I had is that no one knew where I am. I felt a bit insecure. That can be simply remedied with the help of InvisibleGuard, I mean I have my phone with me all the times- why not?
Jean: As a fireman I am under huge stress from the moment that bell goes off and we start running towards the truck. I know I feel safer knowing my center and my team are taking care of me and vice versa. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that if anything happens to me those around me will know immediately.